RWA creates exceptional projects that draw inspiration from the landscape, vernacular traditions and root principles of design – exalting the experience of place and the act of building simply and well. Whether located in urban fabric, garden suburbs or rural outposts, the firm’s acclaimed buildings all share a sense of belonging and purpose.

The work featured here hopefully speaks for itself. As we begin every project and consider the qualities of a site and existing structure(s), we seek design solutions that preserve and enhance the good, eliminate or mitigate the bad, and take maximum advantage of opportunities, hidden or in plain view. With a tendency to steer away from bold statements , we hold that studied restraint is more powerful and ultimately more enduring, yet RWA projects have a commanding presence. These qualities have been noticed by our peers and the press, as the work over a thirty year period has won numerous national and local design awards, and been published in Architectural Digest, DWELL, Elle Décor, Met Home, Residential Design, the New York Times and Washington Post magazines.