Over a four year period in the 1990’s, Richard Williams worked with landscape architect Richard Burck and interior designer Jose Solis in an endeavor that included master planning, new building design and site design on this 500 acre estate in the rugged upland of Rappahannock County, Virginia. Featured here are the principal residence – an existing log cabin with a new stone addition – in the farm village sited in the woodland edge of rock outcrops above the Rappahannock River headwaters, and a mile distant in the open horse and cattle pastures, a new swimming pool and dining pavilion that enjoys sweeping views of rolling open landscape and Blue Ridge Mountain peaks. Each project responds to dramatically different settings – intimate/sheltered v. expansive/open – enabling the owner to enjoy different venues depending on the time of day, and the season in the diverse landscapes of this large farm.

Landscape Architecture by Richard Burck Associates
Interiors by Solis-Betancourt

Photography by Ron Blunt, courtesy of Architectural Digest


Washington Chapter AIA: Award for Excellence 1993 (Pool and Dining Pavilion)